In this month’s coffee corner, we hear from Tara Waiyasil, Mummy to model sons Idrees & Zakky, better known on Instagram as @idrees_zakky.

Hi Tara, welcome to Coffee Corner. Tell us a bit about what you do…

I am a stay at home Mummy with a passion for photographing my sons. I’m fortunate enough that my passion for the lens has become a small business with my boys modelling up and coming children’s wear brands.


What top three tips would you give to expectant mums?

  1. Meditation is a wonderful way of keeping calm during pregnancy and during motherhood. I find it to be hugely valuable part of our lifestyle
  2. Follow your intuition when it comes to motherhood. Listen to advice you are given (you will be given a lot!) and only follow what you agree with
  3. Breathe. If you feel flustered as you baby cries in public, take a deep breath and embrace your baby. Cuddle them and take your time. It’s natural and inevitable that your baby will cry, but don’t let onlookers put you off parenting


What is one baby essential you couldn’t live without?

A baby carrier or baby sling. Being hands free when your baby is feeling clingy and wanting cuddles is super handy for allowing you to continue your day to day tasks.


What’s the best advice you would give to new mums?

Enjoy every second! It’s absolutely true what people say about how quickly children grow up. Each stage passes is enjoyable, but also emotional and passes in the blink of an eye. Before you know it, they will be 18 and you’ll be packing them off as they head out into the big wide world.


What’s your favourite baby ‘luxury’?

Treating my boys to occasional beautiful outfits, especially for special occasions. Being a mother of boys, I find buying them lovely outfits now and again makes me enjoy dressing them. I love giving them their own style and look to Prince George for inspiration.


What’s the most ingenious pregnancy or new-mum “life-hack” you have seen throughout your career/motherhood?

I always wear a vest under my shirt or jumper to help maintain my modesty when breastfeeding. This means that when I need to feed, my tummy is always covered, without the need for fumbling with blankets to cover me and my baby. It makes feeding more streamlined and discrete. I’ve mastered it now so that most people don’t even realise I am feeding.


What do you use your Fofolino for?

Aside from a traditional muslin, I use my Fofolino over the baby carrier if it gets a bit chilly to give my baby an soft extra layer to keep snuggly and warm. I also lay it over my changing mat to ensure my boys have the comforting and familiar smell of me close by.