In this month’s coffee corner we hear from Mouse Allen, the founder of Magnet Mouse fastening free babywear.

Hi Mouse, welcome to our Coffee Corner. Tell us a bit about what you do…

I founded Magnet Mouse several years ago as a solution to the ubiquitous problem of poppers and tiny buttons: they’re fiddly, breakable and frustrating – even if you’re well slept.  Yet they are still widely used on baby clothes where speed, ease and reliability are crucial.

After 18 months of research, our first range was launched, a patent filed and wonderful feedback came flooding in from parents. We haven’t looked back. There are so many exciting products and ideas we would like to develop but it’s one (baby) step at a time.


What top three tips would you give to expectant mums?

  1. Do a baby/child First Aid course.
  2. Don’t waste money on expensive stretch mark creams, stretch marks are genetic.
  3. Practise using the car seat and buggy.


What is one baby essential you couldn’t live without?

Muslins. They double as nappies, swaddles, parasols, bibs, clothes’ shields, hand towels, stylish accessories, wrappers for clean bottles or dirty clothes…  Couldn’t live without them.


What’s the best advice you would give to new mums?

  1. Trust your Mummy instinct and don’t be afraid to act on it.
  2. Don’t forget your husband or partner, your baby is what your love for each other looks like on the outside.
  3. Skin to skin contact is vital.  There is masses of research to show the incredible benefits for babies, for health, happiness and development.


What’s your favourite baby ‘luxury’?

A baby cashmere blanket. Worth every penny, used all day, every day, for a scrumptious, snug and happy little snuffle-bundle.


What’s the most ingenious pregnancy or new-mum “life-hack” you have seen throughout your career/motherhood?

We have won awards and have a patent pending, so I feel it’s alright to say our Magnet Mouse sleep suits with hidden magnetic fasteners instead of poppers! Our baby spent a while in the NICU (neonatal intensive care unit), the ease and softness of opening and closing the suits meant there was no danger of pulling any tubes or wires while yanking or pressing fiddly poppers. Skin to skin is essential for babies and fiddly fastenings are a deterrent for tired parents, which is big shame.  Putting on and taking off his romper for skin to skin cuddles and feeding (day or night) takes seconds it also makes emergency changes much speedier!


Why you love Fofolino?

It is impossible to have too many muslins. Other than those uses mentioned above, I also love them as loose Mowgli style nappies to let the (newborn) baby’s bottom dry and provide relief from nappy rash.  If you suffer from post partum night sweats, popping a rolled up muslin under your boobs during the night feeds prevents your baby becoming damp and cold. I love to save the beautiful Fofolino muslins for outings either to drape over your shoulder or across the bassinet.