Fofolino Cheat Sheet

Bringing a little luxury to the everyday essential!

Comforter & Companion
Loyal and snuggly, our comforting cotton Fofolino will soon become your baby’s best friend.

Stroller Cover
Create an instant curtain whilst out and about, shielding your little one from the light and bustle of outside.

Bedtime Spill Catcher
For those night-time spillages, simply fold your Fofolino, stretch across the mattress beneath your babies’ head and tuck in either side. An instant and easily replaceable sheet to protect against a little reflux or milky spillage.

Light Blanket
For those warm summer days when a blanket is too hot, your Fofolino makes for the perfect lightweight nap time throw-over.

Swaddle Cloth
Wrap your new born in love with your favourite Fofolino. A technique as old as time, swaddling is a tried and tested way to make your baby feel snuggly and secure.

Nursing Cover
Providing mum and baby with some privacy, your Fofolino can be used as a cover up when the need to nurse arises.

Burpy Cloth
Minimize mess and protect your favourite shirt by throwing your muslin cloth over your shoulder after feeding time

After Infancy
Although uses listed are associated with babycare, that doesn’t mean to say our cloths won’t be useful once they’ve grown up. Many of our customers have noted the versatile and varied uses of their Fofolino’s that fall beyond looking after a little once. Some of our favourite ideas include filtering wine, maturing cheese, face-washing flannels, crystalware and shoe polishing, and dusting furniture. It’s time to get creative with your Fofolino!

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