Eugenie Haniel founded luxury muslin square brand Fofolino in 2016, when as a mother of four young children she found the need for a constant supply of muslins. Eugenie found that the quality of muslins that were available weren’t good enough, so set about founding her own business of high-quality absorbent muslins.

No stranger to hard work, Eugenie started the business when she had four children under the age of three! She says it was a huge portion of enthusiasm and self-belief that helped her through the initial stages of business, alongside a very supportive husband and lots of long days and short nights!

An average day consists of taking the children to playgroup in the mornings, which allows for a couple of hours of relatively undisturbed worktime each day during the week. Eugenie notes that flexibility is key, with both running a business and bringing up small children the ability to adapt and adapt quickly is essential. She thanks the advancement of mobile technology which is a gift when it comes to working on the go with several young children in tow!

Eugenie finds that she is inspired by all things aesthetic and has a borderline obsession with practicality and functionality especially when it comes to products for babies. Fofolino is the perfect example of this, being born out of the personal necessity of experiencing the daily routine with ‘4-under-3’, but without wanting to sacrifice nice-looking products.

When she’s not working Eugenie can be found reading a good book, or out playing sports that include fishing – she is also particularly fond of her charming one year old cocker spaniel ‘Pinga’.