Burp Cloth

Lush and highly absorbent, our cloth helps to prevent the inevitable burpy- style spill from staining your clothes in luxurious and unique style!

Nursing Cover

Giving mum and baby some privacy, home comfort and extra cosiness, particularly when the need to nurse arises whilst out & about!

Light Blanket

During those warm summer days, our cloth us the perfect light blanket for your tot's nap time outside in the garden, on the patio or on tour with mum!

Swaddle Cloth

Newborns love being wrapped snuggly as it makes them feel secure - just like it was in mummy's belly only a short while ago! The technique of swaddling is easy, age-old, tried & tested!

Stroller Cover

Out & about when your child decides it is time for a little nap! Create an instant light curtain with your cloth, shielding the little one from direct light and glances.

Sheet Cover

Fold the cloth in half, stretch across the top part of baby's mattress and tuck the ends under either side. An instant and easily changeable sheet cover to protect against that little reflux or milky burp mishap!

Playtime Cover

Our cloth is the perfect portable playmat for those little babies that aren't yet mobile but are starting to interact and play. Just unfold, spread out and start playing!

Cuddly Toy

Our cloths are suited perfectly to double up as a cuddly and loyal friend to your baby, toddler and child. And if it is ever lost, mum surely has a replacement cloth at hand and all is well again!