Fofolino was founded in 2016 by myself, a mother of four young children with the aim of bringing a little luxury into an everyday essential. 

Also known as nappy or burpy cloths, baby muslin cloths are a day-to-day necessity and nursery staple for every new parent. From swaddling to snuggling, cleaning spillages and comforting, the list of uses for these practical and versatile squares is endless.

At Fofolino, we understand that your baby comes first, that’s why our super soft muslin cloths are made from 100% white, double weave cotton to deliver the softest, safest, gentlest muslins on the market. Our products are carefully designed with both caregiver and baby in mind to ensure ultimate comfort and quality.

Our award-winning signature collection of baby muslin cloths come in several designs, from the subtle and simple hemstitch to the intricate ribbon lace range. We also offer a bespoke embroidery service, where each Fofolino muslin cloth can be personalised to create the perfect gift for expecting parents.

Trusted by mums and dads everywhere, Fofolino’s products are frequently repurchased, with a loyal customer return rate of 70%. We believe in our products so much, that we offer a full refund guarantee if you are not satisfied with your Fofolino*. 

Fofolino recognises the importance of social and ecological responsibility as an emerging brand and aims to be transparent with our customers. Our signature collection is manufactured in Portugal and hand-finished in Germany by a couple of small family-run businesses. By using small artisan factories, we can be sure of fair working conditions within our production line, as well as being able to trace the journey of our muslins from start to finish. 

Compared to standard muslin cloths on the market, which are often made from low end textile cloth with an average textile weight of 105 g/m2, Fofolino uses a high end textile cloth with a weight of 175 g/m2, enabling a much higher level of absorbency and better overall quality and longevity. The high quality make of our products mean that your Fofolino will last you forever and actually gets softer with every wash, leading to less consumption and ultimately waste – a sustainable choice for your baby. 

With their versatile uses and stylish subtlety, Fofolino’s premium muslin cloths will soon become a part of your daily routine, and you’ll never want to be without one. 

*excluding products that were personalised with embroidery service.

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